Cinema ou réalité?

Le cinema est un art qui joue sur le faite de fair croire aux spectateurs que ce qu’ils voient est reel. Or dans dans certains cas celui ci ne réalise pas que ce qu’il voit n’est qu’une pure réalité et non une mise en scene. Voici quatre vrai blessures d.acteurs qui sont passé a l’écran: […]

Disabled people are the luckiest!

Society tends to look at disabled people with a special case, and they forget that these people have a huge potentiel and advantages. Here is a list of the advantages: Usually, when you enter a parking, you can barely find a place to park, and it takes a lifetime,- if you were on a wheelchair, it would […]


There is no doubt that the study of Economics serves as more than just a simple theory, or a mere study of resources and their allocation. By forming theories to describe economical phenomena, economists study the whole of a community’s behavior, as well as the impact that each action has on the community itself. Because […]


This article contains information that many reporters are scared of revealing. I know that my article will lead to consequences, to the extent of death. However, these words have to be told to make people aware of what’s going on with the world and how the government is controlling them; and therefore I accept the […]

Comment perdre du poid et se sentire bien dans sa peau!

Vous aviez surement cliqué sur se lien en espérant tombé sur le site parfait qui vous aidera enfin a perdre du poids. Mais malheureusement non ! Je vais plutôt vous aider a vous sentir bien dans votre peau, et vous aimer tel que vous êtes. Pour cela, je vais vous donner mes les 3 secrets qui […]

Regulations Vs Internet freedom

The millennial generation is a generation unlike any other. We have touch screen computers, and iPhones that listen to our every demand such as, ‘Siri, can you remind me to take out my laundry in ten minutes?’ We engage on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that allow us to share any detail […]

Europe , Here I come !

Looking for a new adventure this summer ? Tired of all the stress your work or school has been putting you through ? It’s finally time for a stressless vacation , where you can finally enjoy your time !       Europe has always been a tourist attraction continent , most of the world […]

9 foods you can eat as much as you want from, without gaining weight

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t quite easy. Being restricted to just three meals per day, with a certain number of grams is not satisfying at all. Also, dieting becomes boring when you end up eating the same meals day after day -Oats for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch and salad for dinner-, but snacking is […]

Pourquoi Chrisotpher Nolan est un des meilleurs directeurs de nos jours ?

Inception, Interstellar, et beaucoup d’autres films ont été adorés par le public. Le mix entre ce qui est pour le grand public et ce qui est artistique et symbolique est très facile pour Nolan.     Christopher Edward Nolan, né le 30 juillet 1970 à Westminster, est un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste et éditeur britanno-américain. Il […]

Taking Over


Despite the confusion, admiration and idolatry have very different definitions; for idolatry symbolizes admiration overflow and can only be felt towards extremely influential people, them being so due to notable acts and such. Two very famous women come to mind, and although they are extremely different in more ways than one, Kylie Jenner and Malala […]