5 tips to improve your landscape photos

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    5 tips to improve your        landscape photographs


     Photo Taken in Sweden. Photo Courtesy of Marc Walger               

Landscape photography are a very popular type of photography ,specially  to nature lovers. A good hike to the mountain is always better when it follows with a photography time. Wether you are an amateur or professional photographer .This article will serve you with some tips in order to take better landscape pictures .

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So let’s get started with some tips.

  1. First of all you need to have an idea of the place where your landscape photographs will be taken. Try to choose an interesting and a unique place so you can give something appealing rather than  just a mundane nature scenery.
  2. Second of all you might also consider the timing. The time of when you will take your picture is relly important!Always shoot during the magic hour,the photographer’s favourite time ( which is either the sunrise or the sunset)During this time the light is soft which will give you a great composition of light.download (4)                                                   images (1)
  3. the third thing you can do to improve your shots is the Angle from which you will take your photo.Try to chance angles until you are convinced that this is it.For landscape photos,a low angle will make the scenery look more valuable. Like the pic below.6879996-new-zealand-pictures
  4. Your choice of lens is a major factor that helps you to obtain good photos.For landscape shots,it is recommended to use a wide angle lens in order to take the whole scene ( A range between 16mm and 24 mm will do the jobimages (3)
  5.  Tripod is a must , use it ! In order ti get nice and still images . Tripod enables you to fix your frame and as a result you will have a sharpened image specially if you are shooting in a low light condition and using a long exposure. So unless you want your pictures to be blurry ,it is recommened that you use a tripod

.                  images (4)


Finally those are some basic tips that will enable you to improve your photography skills when taking landscape shots.Make sure your battery is fully charged and got an extra one in your backpack before you go so you won’t miss the chance of taking great pictures :) 

Christelle Kanaan


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