The Place Of Women In Advertising

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It is a well present theme in the society, the place of woman in advertising is usually a sensitive subject to tackle. Women are often represented as vulnerable, weak, and sensitive persons. That is why they are often victim of sexism and always compelled to permeate some feminine ideologies concerning the ideal body.

The billboard I took as an example is a Lebanese ad created by ‘Fiordelli’, a store that principally sells clothes for men. In that picture, we can see a man sitting on a chair and wearing a shiny white suit. While he is looking directly at the camera with a serious expression, a woman leaning on his foot is looking upward at him. She represents the typical image of what a woman should look like in an ad: she is simply thin, well dressed and some parts of her body are naked. Thus, what message is implied behind this?

First, the man sitting like a king is portraying as a muscular and powerful person. This virile man is also dominating a lot of space in the picture while the poor woman seems in a demeaning situation where she looks like obeying the man’s wishes and would accept to do everything for him. In other words, the woman is like a pet which fears the man who is acting like her master. Moreover, as said previously, in mostly all ads and here also, the woman looks weak, unsafe, sensitive, and represents the feminine ideology since she is thin and well dressed. In addition, if we look carefully to the ad, we can notice four chains: two in the front and two in the background of the picture. These chains can be represented as tools of torture that are used to control and have power on the woman who is acting like a slave.

    What we can understand from this ad created by ‘Fiordelli’ is that instead of promoting the clothes of the brand, the ad is portraying a message much more complex. All the gestures, positions, and clothes chosen are all carefully thoughts so that when we see them, we can understand and interpret those signs in a specific way according to our ideologies built by the media. For instance, the posture of the man represents superiority while the posture of the woman shows inferiority.       

Finally, when we see an advertisement on TV, magazine, newspaper, or any other medium, we directly know that it is for promoting a product; however, in most Lebanese ads, there is an inside message that talks about the dominance of men over women. The ad brings out a sexism aspect and shows how the media industry dehumanize woman and use their body as an object to attain their goal. The issue of woman’s rights is therefore questioned..

Serra Chehade

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