4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle

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Riding a motorcycle is not a common thing , there are numerous categories of motorcycles . Whether you are going to use it to get to work or use it for your job , for pleasure as a hobby and freetime or to show off , the motorcycle is a must for everyone . We are going to see why you should ride a bike specially in Lebanon .

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Traffic :

Riding a motorcycle means you don’t know what traffic means . If you are late for work in Beirut , forget it your going to be late and get a not so pleasant welcome from your boss . If your buy yourself a motorcycle , even when you think you are late guess what you’re not .Riding betweeen cars feeling that fresh morning air is going to get you to work at time and with a smile !

Sunday :

The whole week you’ve been working/studying etc etc . Sunday is the Lord’s day but how about you try to ride a Harley or a Speedbike with your friends through the valley and the mountains of Lebanon enjoying the weather ,nature ,adrenaline . With the twist of the throttle you can get the relaxation time you need to forget all your problems ,the small things in life that you worry about . A car is an extension of your house , your office , but a motorcycle is an extension of you . If you are intrested join this page on facebook and ask for more details :

Street Soldiers Lebanon .


Overcome your fears :

Fears , fear is the oldest feeling of the human being . Overcoming your fears will get you to live better , enjoy life , add days to your life and you will certainly not reach it until you sit on a motorcycle and ride across the mountains of anxiety through the valleys of stress or on the sea side of becoming old . The more you ride the less you’ll feel stressed , the more you meet bikers who become family the less you worry about your every day problems . Try it ! This weekend hop on the back of a motorcycle and go for a ride ! have you ever seen a motorcycle at a therapist parking lot ? You won’t ! Riding is a therapy itself .


Memories :

With time we grow , we get older more responsabilities more problems . Picture your self on a sunday when the whole family meets and you,re a grandparent . What are you going to tell your grandkids ? That you worked at a office your whole life ? That you lived by the rules of the society just to please everyone around you ? Instead of those mainstream stories every grand parent tells you can have a life full of beautiful memories , live a life with no tomorrows , live as you please and be happy about life . The Rides with the friends you made on the streets while riding are going to get you much more than the attention of the police , they are going to fill your mind with dopamine , adrenaline and memories that even if you wanted you cannot forget. Discovering new places , new roads , making friends for life meet new people. You also become more social which gives you the ability in the everyday life to communicate better , overcome your fears while riding gives you courage and a certain feeling of freedom and immortality .



Are you still thinking ? Go get your money and buy a motorcycle and be reborn !

Bike life


Watch this video for goosebumps :



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