Seven locations every person in Lebanon needs to visit this summer.

Summer is near and so many events are organized and attracting people because of how huge they are. But here are some locations that you sure have to visit during this summer, whether you’re a tourist, just visiting, or living here and taking summer classes.



One of the oldest villages in the country, this area contains seven churches that belong to the Phoenician era, while having one of the cleaning shores in Lebanon, a wonderful atmosphere, and amazing people that will welcome you and tell you what to do and where to go in order to have a great day in this village. To spend an amazing day at a public beach, you should go to Taht el Rih, whereas if you want to go to a resort, you should go to Las Salinas, where they have more than five pools waiting for you, indoors and outdoors, many gyms and a spa!



Also, one of the oldest villages belonging to the same era, Jbeil, also known as Byblos, has various restaurant and beach resorts that welcome you during any season but especially during summer. With their great food, and amazing atmosphere, you could finish your day in the Souks in one of the pubs, whether you feel like having a drink and going home, or if you feel like partying till the sun comes up.



Jezzine is a beautiful area full of greens and nature elements where you would enjoy a couple of days alone and reconnecting with the natural entourage. In the area of Jezzine is a region called Bkessine, which has a park, called Maison de la Forêt that contains several activities in the nature. You could rent a chalet or a bungalow with a group of friends and get ready to play several games that would make you enjoy its location and various options. The options contain biking, mountain climbing/hiking, and many more…


Also an old area in the north of Lebanon, ten minutes away from Anfeh, with an amazing clean shore and some wonderful people who will welcome you in their beach resorts where you would spend an amazing day on the shore of Kfarabida. Then you can go to one of the famous beer breweries, Colonel and spend a great afternoon with friends in a dog friendly place! Most of the resorts stay during the night as well where you could party till dawn and enjoy it. Some of the most known places there are Pierre and Friends, Ô Glacée, Dany’s beach bar, KAPTN…



An area in the mountains of North Lebanon, known for its amazing weather during summer, where you could enjoy the beautiful sun as well as the fresh air at the same time, and enjoy it with their welcoming and friendly people who love having visitors there all year long! Known for its amazing Sahlab (Arabic dessert) in its Miden (the center of the area) where there are more than ten restaurants and pubs next to each other, offering more than one style and cuisine of food and welcoming everyone from everywhere with the amazing atmosphere. This city never goes to sleep during summer, where you would find people there after midnight sitting in these cafés and restaurants, either smoking, drinking, or eating and having a great time with great company.



An amazing authentic Lebanese area which welcomes you during summer with its amazing weather and atmosphere, where you could spend a day visiting museums (Marie Baz) or going to the Castle of Moussa where you would learn the story of a man who built his own castle and is still working on it till the present day. It is right next to one of the falls in Lebanon, Belou’ Bala’ where there are some delicious Lebanese restaurants waiting for you after an exhausting day in the nature and beautiful area of Shouf.



Finally, one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Lebanon are in Jiyye, located around twenty minutes away from Beirut, to the southern direction, and welcoming you and your family and friends to spend an awesome day at the beach. These resorts have a great atmosphere as well as great offers for you and your friends to enjoy your stay and your visit to great places.

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