Learn how to be proactive


Being proactive in a society like ours is a must these days.

There’s a lot of people nowadays that tend to work hard and be proactive towards the environment where they live.


Being proactive is not easy, but at least we can try.


First of all, here is a definition of being proactive: The adjective proactive can describe a person who gets things done. If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you.

The adjective proactive can describe a person who gets things done. If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you.


There are three theories of determinism defined by psychologist: genetic, psychic, environmental; and if the three of them are equal, then we can say that you are trying to be proactive.


Also, there’s some important criteria to determine if you are proactive; which is the brain.

We name it the biological determinism: the three brains: Neocortex which is the “raison”, the limbique which is the emotions, and the reptilien which is the defense.


One important thing to always keep in mind; that we are not conditioned; and we have a total freedom to choose.


To choose what? If you want to be proactive or not.

And being proactive consists also in four important factors: Self-awarness, imagination, conscience, independent will. All of the above may lead to a proactive model to follow.


The question that you are probably asking now is : how to be proactive?


First of all, you have to anticipate, act on it.

Also, you have to learn how to take any initiative.

In other words, you are who decide when and why take action.

Second, you have to learn step by step how to change the language from a reactive one, to a proactive one.



“I don’t know how to do it” in a proactive language; it becomes: “I don’t know how to do it but I’ll learn.”


“He makes me angry” becomes “I decide if I get angry or not.”


“He corrected my whole report. I’m so bad at this” becomes “ Its just a bad report. I will become better at this”


Third of all, we have to focus on our circle of influence and enlarge it.


Nowadays, everyone has people that inspire him to do better or be better, and to become proactive means to enlarge that circle of inspirations and influencers by knowing who to choose and learn from them. Or simply, be inspired by them.

And instead of being close to a circle of concern, be even closer to the circle of influencers.


Also, learn how to have a direct control when it comes to problems involving our own behavior).



-Concenrtate on your ressources

-Form a new habit/ Get rid of a bad one

-Honeymoon phase


-Second nature



And then, learn how to have an indirect control when it comes to problems involving other people’s behavior.


And simply: change the method of influence.


And when you don’t have any control when it comes to problem we can do nothing about: Accept it!


And last but not least: you have to surround yourself with proactive people so you can get inspired and learn from them how be active, productive and positive.

And this is how you can get a model for your mirror neurons!!!

And after that, you should learn to always set smart goals and achieve them in order to achieve your bigger goal.

If we divide the word smart:

S- Specific




T-Time Based


And learning to have all of the above will make you one step closer to be a role model of proactivity.



Being proactive is something we learn to be it. It’s a constant procedure and hard work and perseverance to get on step closer to being proactive.


In a nutshell; being proactive is to learn every single day how to take the lead and take action, and in a society where there is a huge lack of people who are true leaders and know how and when take action , one must learn that being proactive is changing any difficult reality we tend to live, or see , or witness.


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