Taking Over

Despite the confusion, admiration and idolatry have very different definitions; for idolatry symbolizes admiration overflow and can only be felt towards extremely influential people, them being so due to notable acts and such. Two very famous women come to mind, and although they are extremely different in more ways than one, Kylie Jenner and Malala Yousafzai do have things in common as well. I will start by developing the similarities between both personalities, to then discuss the difference between the 18-year-olds.

As previously stated, both Jenner and Yousafzai are recent 18-year-old women who have taken control over the media in the last two months, each for her own reasons which I will state later on. They have both influenced women and young girls all around the world by standing up for what they believe in. Kylie has been an influence when it comes to setting hair, makeup or even outfit trends whereas Malala stood up for girls of all ages when she fought for education and overcame a bullet shot in the head. Both of them also dedicate a lot of their time to charities and good causes.

It is true that they have become idols in two completely different domains, but the characteristic stands either way, knowing that some people literally warship the ground each one of them walks on.

However, although they have both conquered the media as well as young girls’ hearts, both women can easily be distinguished knowing that each one of them knows her own lifestyle and fights for what she thinks is worthy. Each one of them is famous for something and became so in her own way. We all know that Kylie Jenner instantly became famous, not only due to the E! series « Keeping Up With The Kardashians », but also gained more fame the last two years when she started to slowly separate herself from her family and using her physical appearance and good looks in order to win her own public, whereas Malala made it on her own thanks to her ideologies as well as her will to make a change. Earlier this year, both of the personalities turned 18. Jenner received a Ferrari and Yousafzai was named the youngest person ever to win a Nobel prize.

Therefore, it is crucial to note that both women are very recognizable and talked about in each of their fields. Although they made it to where they are in different ways, all it takes from them is one word and an entire country would be up to the job. In my opinion, people today are blinded by the media and aim to fit in the materialistic society in which we live, which is why some choose to idolize reality television personalities like Kylie, and others prefer to admire activists such as Malala. It depends on the public, not the women previously mentioned, and who people feel confident looking up to.

Jowie Hakim

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