The Top 4 unsolved murders you’ve got to learn about

For all of you mystery lovers out there, these are the Top 4 murders that no one has ever solved. Murders that shocked the whole world, and now it’s your turn to maybe prove your intelligence and solve them, or else we may just give you ideas.


# 4.The Black Dahlia.

Elizabeth Short was known as Black Dahlia after her corpse was found on January 1947 in Leimert Park in LA, Newspapers often nicknamed particularly lurid crimes and they posthumously called her « The Black Dahlia ». Murder mystery, The Blue Dahlia. While walking with her three-year-old daughter, a woman found the body, at first she thought it was a discarded store mannequin.The woman’s body was cut in half, her face was slashed from ear to ear leaving her with a creepy smile , There was no blood on the body which had the murderer had washed before putting it in the park.

Dhalia 1

Elizabeth was last seen in the Cecil. The investigators never found the actual crime scene or the murderer, which made this case more than fifty men and women have confessed to the murder and they Were all innocent later. Nobody knows the reason behind this strange activity.

Dhalia 2

# 3.The Bizzare Death of Elisa Lam

On February 2013 A woman was found dead in a water tank on the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, she was naked with her clothes were floating around her. The case gets creepier; The roof is not accessible for visitors, to get there one should get through a locked door that sets an alarm when it’s opened, which never happened. Her body was found 8 after her death, when the guests of the hotel reported that the water coming out of the sink had a weird taste. What makes it even stranger is a video of her taken from the inside of the elevator the day of her death; Elisa seems scared, she’s hiding from someone, then she seems to have been there, her gestures look unhuman, which explains the reports of the guests of the hotel before that suggested that Elisa had an « odd behavior ».



# 2. Hinterkaifeck murders

Hinterkaifeck was a small farmstead located in Germany about 70 kilometers north of Munich.On the evening of March 31, 1922, the six inhabitants of the farm were killed with a mattock. The murders remain unsolved.

The six victims were the farmer Andreas Gruber (63) and his wife Cäzilia (72); Their widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel (35); Viktoria’s children, Cäzilia (7) and Josef (2); And the maid, Maria Baumgartner (44).


A few days prior to the crime, Farmer Andreas Gruber told neighbors about discovering footprints in the snow leading from the edge of the forest to the farm, but none leading back. He also spoke about hearing footsteps in the attic and finding an unfamiliar newspaper on the farm. Also, the house keys went missing several days before the murders. None of this was reported to the police prior to the attack. The case becomes weirder when we discover that the new maid, Maria Baumgartner, arrived on the farm on the day of the attack and was killed hours later. And the previous maid had left the farm 6 months ago that was haunted.


It is believed that the perpetrator (s) went into the house where they killed two-year-old Maria Baumgartner, in her bedchamber. While the others were all lured into the barn one by one, where they were killed then stacked on top of eachother.

On the following Tuesday, April 4, neighbors came to the farmstead because none of its features had been seen for a few days. The postman had noticed that the post from the previous Saturday was still where he had left it.

What makes this case creepier is that the killer (s), stayed in the house after the urders for several days for no apparent reason.

germ1     germ2

 # 1.Tamam Shud

On 1 December 1948 at 6:30 am, the police were contacted at the Somerton beach near Glenelg, South Australia. The Esplanade and Bickford Terrace are all within walking distance. He was lying back with his head resting against the seawall, with his legs extended and his feet crossed. In the pocket of his holes, the phrase  » tamám shud », meaning « finished » in Persian, printed on a scrap of papers found later in the poket of the man’s holes. Final page of a copy of Rubaiyat – a collection of poems attributed to the 12th-century poet Omar Khayyam.


When the police found the copy of the Rubaiyat from which the page had been torn.

The case is considered as « one of Australia’s most profound mysteries ». It’s a lot of questions around the victims identity, death and the events leading up to it. The victim of the murder, the victim, the victim, the victim, and the victim.





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