This article contains information that many reporters are scared of revealing. I know that my article will lead to consequences, to the extent of death. However, these words have to be told to make people aware of what’s going on with the world and how the government is controlling them; and therefore I accept the consequences as harsh as they may be. I have come to realize how corrupted this world is and how government and dictators are brainwashing their citizens.

At the present time, people are being oppressed by their own government! The government manipulates their people by using their beliefs in order to promote a certain idea. Even dictators use the people’s beliefs in order to manipulate them into believing a certain idea. A great example would be when dictators or religious men promote an idea in the name of “allah” so that people would believe it and obey it. This idea extremely works, since there is a lot of uneducated people who don’t have enough knowledge to neglect this theory. Seeing people commit horrible crimes in the name of God, drives educated people away from religion. However, many people are aware of what the government is doing, but it’s dangerous to reveal this information.

Nowadays, the government’s main weapon in controlling the people is propaganda. Propaganda is “the information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause”. The government has complete power and control over the media. It can publish and promote a certain idea. For instance, the power of media can be shown by very simple example that happened in North Korea. North Korea is a country that is isolated from the world media wise; therefore the people have no other source of information than their own government. This makes it easy for the government to manipulate their citizens. A funny example would be, is when the government told their citizens that they have reached the world cup final and they will be facing Portugal. Having no other source of information than their government, the people had no choice but to believe this piece of information. Doesn’t this frustrate you?! Don’t you see how easy it is for them to manipulate and make you believe things that are not true! In addition to promoting ideas in their favor, governments also tamper and censor pieces of information, which include pictures, videos, historical documents and articles etc… in order to hide or change the cause and effect of a certain thing. A great example could be, how Joseph Stalin used to erase and edit his pictures by deleting the image of a certain person next to him that he has killed. The picture below is an example of how Stalin erased the existance of one of his commisars, after he believed that he was of no use anymore.

(Russian Premier Josef Stalin – Photos – Historic photos that have been altered, n.d.)


Many people try to mock the government with their series, movies and events. One of the best examples would be “the Simpsons” by Seth Macfarlane. I still remember when I watched the 2nd episode of the Simpsons third season. This episode shows the viewers how a congressman was being bribed and how the government is corrupted. Seth was able to deliver this message in a funny and indirect way. I am here today to inform all of you people how the government is oppressing us all and taking over our privacy. They are literally controlling us.

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