Disabled people are the luckiest!

Society tends to look at disabled people with a special case, and they forget that these people have a huge potentiel and advantages.

Here is a list of the advantages:

  • Usually, when you enter a parking, you can barely find a place to park, and it takes a lifetime,- if you were on a wheelchair, it would have been easier : you tell the security that you are on a wheelchair, and then: here is your parking place.

    Disabled Parking

  • When you want to ship a car from abroad, you keep on saving and saving money so you can reach the budget in order to buy it , wishing if you can be prohibited of paying the customs. If you were on a wheelchair, you would have felt like a millionaire and you wouldn’t pay any extra fees.
  • Travels and tourism? Wanna enter a museum or any other touristic place? And without paying any entrance fees? We’ve got the solution: have a wheelchair and you will enter for free! The wheelchair is the only savior. It makes you save money. And if you have a friend on a wheelchair, don’t worry, you will enter for free too since you are his companion. And that’s not all: if you want to travel, you will have the chance to get a huge discount when you show them your disability card.

    Travel and tourism

  • Are you working and paying your huge transportation fees to go to your workplace? Most countries of this world offer you free transportation and public transportations (bus, metro, tramway…) only because you have disability.


  • The unemployment rate is increasing every year, but, you don’t have to worry if you’re on a wheelchair, you already got that job. Specially in some countries, they oblige educated disabled people to work like everyone, and they have a rule that oblige every single company to have at least a small percentage of their employees with special needs. In Lebanon, companies are obliged to have 3% of their employees on a wheelchair ; with disability.


  • You have to wait in a huge line to get to shop? To enter the theaters? To get an official paper? You do not have to worry if you are on a wheelchair, you have the privilege to enter first.


I guess now after all of this, you wish you were on a wheelchair.

Lucky to be on a wheelchair!!


Hassan Dia – Mohamad Mirza

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