10 Keys for an Accomplished Life Journey

Life is an infinite search for happiness and a journey full of surprises and memories . To enjoy it to the fullest , one must check this bucket list :

1-Discover a hidden country
To engage in an adventurous journey seeking hidden treasures of nature in a distant country, and enjoying the cultural exchange, as well as discovering artistic and culinary specialties is a pleasant experience that one should live at least once in a lifetime.
Eat dishes with flavors we do not necessarily know, talk to people who are miles far away from us and our loved ones, be confronted with a population that sees life, death, money, family, politeness and the world from a different perspective would be extremely enriching , and would teach us to be more critical of ourselves and more tolerant towards others.


2-Fall in Love
Powerful and unexpected, the state of love overthrows us, makes us feel alive and transforms us.

No matter what turn the love relationship takes, falling in love is something we should all know one day, and cherish every day.



3-Plant something and see it grow
Some have a green thumb and others do not know how to take care of a cactus!
But we should all try at least once to plant something to feel the happiness of seeing it grow.


4-Volunteer in your Community
Ascertain to draw a smile on a people’s faces and to spread hope and joy within their hearts. Giving back to our community is an added value to our humanity.


5-Make a Donation
Blood, Hair, or money donation is a sacred act … Giving is good for others and for oneself!
Giving is an act of empowerment that aims at improving the quality of life of persons in need.
We are naturally endowed with empathy because we have to help each other in order to live together. That is why giving gives a sense of well-being.

6-Take Risks

Some people do it all the time, but for most of us, the daily routine and reasonable thinking have taken precedence over the touch of madness. It is time to consider being reckless even if it was for once.


7-Learn to be metalinguistic
If learning a foreign language can be tedious, especially in adulthood, it will pay off through reaping its benefits because “imparate una nuova lingua e avrete una nuova anima” , which means learn a new language and you will have a new soul.

8-Allocate a self-Reflection time
It is always good to have people around. However, it is sometimes better to go on a solo trip that transforms our life, helps us overcome our fear of the unknown and our fear of being alone. Allocating a self-reflection time would motivate us to approach others more easily and vice-versa.

A solo moment is a step forward in our journey seeking inner peace and well-being.

9-Detox from your Smartphones … Go Offline
Have you ever caught yourself texting while driving?
Do WhatsApp notifications make you usually interrupt conversations with the persons sitting in front of you? Technology addiction is real, it is here and overwhelming our lives.
Take a break, a tech detox day off!

10-Celebrate your Success
Memories pass by and time flies. Thereof, remember to appreciate little things in life, to enjoy every moment, to collect memories and celebrate success. Above all never give up.


After all, let us remember that we live just for once , so ensure to leave a finger print and to do what you love and aspire for.
How many of them have you fulfilled , and what is your next step?

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  1. Charbel nakad dit :

    I am so glad i read this article and i encourage everyone to do so. The beautifully written tips with the representative images keeps one optimistic and enthusiastic about experiencing what’s presented in this well thought out article.

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