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Provence is on top of a hill, located between two fields of lavender, our dear Provence does not lack beauty with attractive villages in France.


We can’t go to Provence without stopping at Moustiers-Sainte Marie. The houses are built using rocks, the streets are flagged and a waterfall path through the village … Amazing!  you can’t go there without tasting the traditional food of Provencal cuisine, I advise you – to visit « Ferme Sainte Cécile ». Unique evening menu which is well worth it!

Don’t forget to rent a paddle boat for two hours! Turquoise water, waterfalls, sun … simply paradise on earth!





Barjols is a small village that falls on a hill at the feet of Sainte Victoire and it contains 38 fountains and wash houses.

Barjlos is considered the home of « Le Vallon des Carmes » a wonderful nature. You swim in a paradise because it includes a lot of wonderful pools and waterfalls.

Note that if you like Folklo tufts, you should know that, since the year 1350, the feast of Saint Marcel, Patron Saint of the village, takes place on the Sunday closest to January 17: Costumes, drumming, bravado, procession, farandole, pegoulade and the dance of the tripettes on the program!

The Green Provence, Unknown


By The Artists


Lourmarin is well considered one of the best villages in France!

It is another beautiful village that lays in the fields of Provence! Here, there are magnificent places to visit: The Belfry, the Romanesque church St André, the Castle Villa Medici of Provence and beautiful bastides of the sixteenth and eighteenth around the village.

Lourmarin is not just stones, the village really lives, there are coffee terraces very pleasant in summer, restaurants, galleries, and many activity clubs. Moreover, it is the village that Laurent Garnier chose to make his Festival Yeah! And the place where Albert Camus lived and wrote in Lourmarin … Class! You feel proud while visiting this village

The Mill of Lourmarin, by Unknown


Located at the edge of the Durance La Roque d’Antheron It is a large historic village at the gateway to the Luberon Natural Park with many old buildings, and majestic monuments: the magnificent 12th century Cistercian Abbey of Silvacane for example, or the 16th and 17th century Florans Castle and the Romanesque chapel Sainte-Anne de Goiron built in the eleventh century!

The village is known for its International Piano Festival, which runs from mid-July to mid-August. It is also a very lovely village where anyone likes to eat and drink in its many glorious restaurants!


Very nice little village located between Cavaillon and Carpentras. Its name Fontaine de Vaucluse designates the source of the most beautiful river of Vaucluse la Sorgue. It is also the most important resurgence of Europe. The « fountain » is located at the foot of a magnificent cliff, a sublime natural site that has attracted and inspired many famous personalities such as Frédéric Mistral and Chateaubriand. To reach this famous fountain you follow the riverbank in a pleasant walk along a long path that leads to it. The village also includes very beautiful small restaurants that offer traditional Provencal cuisine, shops, many small museums terraces at the water’s edge. There are also the remains of the 14th century castle to see, a site accessible by a small steep path near the village, and the craft stationery with its still working dawn wheel! You can also do many activities on the Sorgues, canoeing and others. You will be lucky to have the chance to visit this village.

This is  a short video, to let you see the beauty of Provence.

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By Céline S.M. El-Khoury, Reina Al-Fakih

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