6 Steps To Have A Beautiful Picture


Art can be a difficult processing, right?

We will introduce you to different technique that may improve your photography!!

As photographers, we can create and reflect our personality with one photo, and that will be the focus of this article.


1.    Identify the theme of your photo:

The simple way to begin is by identifying your theme. Simple subjects, can be more creative.

For example clouds, shoes, hair, bottle of wine,objects …

Or you can be specific by choosing food, dancers, dogs, babies,clowns ….

If you get bored, you can take a picture of your life time. Also,you can observe your neighbors or family members and make a documentary about them.

     Giraffe, by Paige Gress

    Silent no more, by Gordon    Sinclair Jr.

           Mia, by Juste Ciel


2.    Keep your theme literal:

We make psychological connections with every picture we take. Every picture has a story, and that story can be about our memories, our pass, our family, our love story, torture, starvation….

          Love story, by Whiz Bang

The hands can tell the story as much as the eyes, Unknown



3.    The time of shooting:

One of the important trick to have a beautiful picture is the light. You have to choose the timing; the time of a day can affect your picture.

             The largest oasis in Egypt, by Mohamad Hakeem

The timing isn’t just for the hour of the day.

How about visiting the places in a different season?

Your creative eye might sense that autumnal reds and yellows will suit your photograph much better than summery greens.

                       Human Nature, Unknown


4.    Change your perspective:

Find a creative new angle. For example, find something to climb on, get as high as you can, and then shoot downwards.

Or, go to the other side of the monument or focal point and photograph it from behind.

You can also perspective when you change the lens that you use, for example a macro lens.One of the key factor in shooting, is to watch where everyone else is standing, and then go and change your place, somewhere different.

Dizzying vertical, by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

The trust, by Hermin Abramovitch

Forced perspective, by Jill Harness


5.    Explore unfamiliar environments:

Change the places that you visit!!

Photographing the same thing over and over again can make you fall into a repetitive pattern, and the photos will lose their freshness.

Head off to industrial areas, schools, fishing ports, new countries,train….


              Fly Fishing, Unknown

Industrial area, Anaël Barrière


6.     Be inspired by others:

As Picasso once said “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” So once a week, I open my laptop and bearing the images of my photographic influencers, absorbing their work to develop my ideas.

Musicians, actors, artists, as well as photographers, all learn and improve by studying the great masters.

For example, I use to take ideas from “Ansel Adams”  for some of my photography.

                by Ansel Adams

     Sentinel Dome, by Ansel Adam


This is a short video, how we can take a beautiful picture.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask!!


By Céline S.M. El-Khoury, Reina Al-Fakih

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