5 ways to kill a butterfly in class

5 ways to kill a butterfly in class


Have you ever had those days where you’re just sitting in class when suddenly your eye is caught but a flying bug.

Is that bug a butterfly?

Do you have a phobia of butterfly?

Well here are simple ways to kill a butterfly in class.


Step #1 : analyze it’s movements

Remember, never show fear, they can smell it. So just sit back, relax and watch it for a while. Analyze It’s movements for a while, make sure that you have studied the creature so well that you know it’s next move.



Step #2 : get close

At this point you know everything about the butterfly, so don’t be scared, get up start walking around, act natural and don’t let it suspect anything. You know what they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


And when it stops flying, approach it slowly.


Step #3 : sneak attack

You can go many ways here; there’s the good old fashioned roll and hit. You basically take any random paper, roll it and use that as your weapon.

Or you can go full on serial killer; any type of sharp object will do. Scissors, the sharp side of your compass, even a pen if you not have any of the above. Remember speed is the key.


Don’t worry about your friends thinking you’re crazy, they will thank you once you have saved them from the pesky creature.

Take your victory and walk with head up high.

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One comment

  1. stefanbazan dit :

    5 ways, or only 3? – You surely forgot about the crash it with a huge paper roll style…

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