Essential facts you MUST know ahead of the World Cup 2018 in Russia


It’s hard to believe that the 2018 World Cup is less than a week away already. It doesn’t seem like very long ago we spent an incredible summer in Brazil, enjoying the amazing atmosphere and the outstanding soccer at the 2014 World Cup. It’s no secret that this event is one of our favorites and we’re already fielding lots of interest in what is obviously the world’s best soccer tournament.

The World Cup is a very important way to weight the capable players, and the powerful ones. It is the world’s most-watched sporting event where 32 teams will be battling against each other for one common goal: The golden cup.

To begin with Russia will be hosting the 21st FIFA World Cup this year after Brazil, 4 years ago, and Qatar in 2022. The following countries below have been qualified for this year’s tournament.

12 stadiums in 11 different cities (two in Moscow) in Russia will be hosting this summer’s games.Nine were built just for the tournament. One million international fans are expected  to visit Russia for the World Cup and with so many anticipated.

Note that the tournament will kick off on Thursday June 14, 2018. The last 16 starts on June30th, the quarterfinals on July 6 and the semifinals on July 10. The FINAL will be held in Moscow on July 15.

Essential facts you MUST know ahead of the Fifa world cup 2018.

1* Egypt is currently 30th in Fifa’sworld rankings, but their ranking is currently in danger since the key player of the team, Mohamed Salah, will not be active since he got injured in the champion’s league final.

Salah dislocated his shoulder during the Champions League final on Saturday after a tussle with Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos. He  was forced to leave the pitch during the first half as a result.

Will he be able to play with Egypt’s first match, against Uruguay, coming in little over a weeks’ time, on 15 June ? We sure hope so.

Watch the footage here :

2*Italy, Holland and the United States failed to qualify for this year’s tournaments. It is Italy’s first time not qualifying since 1958, being one of eight teams to have won the world cup. This can make a really big difference in the FIFA history.

3*The LOGO for this year’s world cup was revealed in SPACE on October 28 2014. Cosmonauts from the International Space Station were projected onto Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre while doing their countdown before unveiling Russia’s world cup logo for 2018.

The logo is inspired by “Russia’s rich artistic tradition and its history of bold achievement and innovation” said Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko.

4* This year is Panama and Iceland’s first ever qualification for the world cup ! Around 66 000 Iceland fans bought tickets for the tournament, which represents 20% of their entire population !!! Are you ready for Iceland’s VIKING CLAPS ?

5*After the huge success of Paul the Octopus who predicted many wins for the World Cup manyyears ago, this year a deaf cat named ACHILLES who lives at St. Petersburg museum, will predict the outcome of each game. At last year’sConfederations Cup, he predicted all but one right !

6*Might want to act fast if you still did not get your tickets. This year’s prices range from €85 ($105) to €892 for the final. If you are Russian, you will obtain cheaper prices.

7*Lets talk numbers. The prize for winning the World Cup final is around $38 million. Losing the final is $28 million and making the group stage is worth $8 million so no worries… The question is, where does all that money come from ??

8*Let’s not forget about theiconic ball that will represent this year’s tournaments. It was made by the makers of the black and white ball of 1970.

It is said that the ball contains a ship which allows fans to interact with it using their phones, crazy right ? Here is a picture of the World Cup balls since 1930.




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