Is Lofi music making people lazy ?

Lofi is a musical genre that consists of the beefiest most chill hiphop jazzy beats known to men below you will find out how this music affects different people !

Its name means Low Fidelity (LoFi) which means that to have this chill relaxing beat it should be sampled to 32000 sample rate or lower and it is recorded with a tape recorded in order to have the tape hiss so it could have even less fidelity this is the signature AESTHETIC of this genre. Lofi is mostly accompanied by some nice looped visuals of distorted images of The Simpsons or some chill laid back images that make you relaxed.

Now to talk about the REAL DEAL, this music is so chill that most people complain that its making them feel very relaxed and they start procrastinating so they end up not doing their work just because of this relaxed state their in because of it.




The real problems here are the 24/7 Youtube channels such as ChillHop, Steezy ASF, ChilledCow etc. because they’re so accessible, they keep playing 24 hours per day 7 days a week and believe me when i say this, once you’re on a Lofi channel you’re not removing it until you fall asleep and your laptop or phone battery dies and you can’t listen to it anymore! It is very addictive and some parents started saying that Lofi is the music of the devil because it makes you lazy. Have a listen!

But enough of the « Parents » point of view, people who listen to Lofi are less likely to start fights, be involved in crime etc. These as they call themselves « Chilled-ren » say that this music makes them relaxed after work or college without having to resort to drugs or alcohol which is something we all need!

As the livestream master of the Youtube channel CALM RADIO TobiJKF says: « we get nothing but good comments and vibes in our channel, it is amazing to finally see a youtube comment section with no hate comments, and this is the primary proof that people like me who are Chilled-ren are not hostile. Another fact about our subscribers, they all seem to be studying, working or plain relaxing after a long day while listening to our music as they say in our live comment section, so most of them aren’t really unproductive after all! »

Dietitians have taken an interest in knowing if music affects people losing or gaining weight, as expected people who listen to high-tempo or fast music are more likely to lose weight because the music doesn’t let them chill they always feel energized and ready to work. On the other hand people who listen to down-tempo music like LoFi are 34% more likely to gain weight faster than people with different taste in music.

Here you have it! Does Lofi make you lazy? Your parents say yes but your friends say no… It will be an ongoing argument for years to come! here’s a link to one of the most famous Lofi Youtube channels, have a listen and tell us how you feel after you do in the comment section below!



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