School of life

Everybody asks me if I’m not getting too old for scouts? What do you get from it? Are you going to stand all your life doing it? And many questions that start and don’t stop…
But how much do you think they know about scouts? Do they know what we learn and get from it?
People see us playing, laughing, and singing but, what do you think scouts is about?
I was raised and bred in a family that took care of me and taught me everything there is to life; this made me realize that scouts is so much more than spending 2 hours in the reunion, having fun and then leaving.
Scout is where you learn to love and to respect every human you meet in your life; when you learn to land a hand to any person in need with love and joy … It’s when you learn to help without wanting to get anything in return and to laugh and sing no matter how tough life gets .It’s where you learn to be strong enough to walk in the middle of the dark to save your siblings. As for the better part it is when you start to defy yourself to improve and become a better person in society without showing it off.


In addition to that, scouts is the space where you promise yourself to be in God’s and your country’s service.
Maybe it’s true that we’re having fun but it’s the best school of life for any of us, from the youngest to the oldest.
If I would have to define what scouts is… I would never stop talking.
Guiding is an international movement of women’s scouting, a movement open to all without any discrimination. It keeps developing to adapt through time and societies.
The Association of Girl Guides of Lebanon (AGDL) is a school of life, where girls and young women learn to discover each other, to learn from each other as well as with each other.

Guiding provides young people with a non-formal education in life, in a non-political and non-governmental environment lead solely by the law of love, in light of the Christian faith.

Guiding, by the intention of its founder Baden-Powell (B.P), leads young people to become artisans of their own development. His method stimulates the development of the person and the communities.
It is the right environment for young volunteers to actively engage in their society, for the promotion of peace, understanding and cooperation.

With Girl Guides, young members and young leaders learn, through actions, to commit to an ideal of life expressed by the Promise and Law Guide. They experience dynamic programs in groups, where creativity and inventive spirits draw dimensions with no limits from nature’s womb.

In Girl Guides, girls become good citizens of the world, responsible for themselves and others. The AGDL offers them a pedagogy adapted to their needs and to different age groups

In short terms … scouting is the school of life! It teaches you everything in the simplest way.


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