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What are the top 10 most loved restaurants for IESAV students? Let’s find out!

  1. Roadster diner

When Roadster Diner first opened its Achrafieh doors in 1998, the idea was simple: create the homiest, most authentic diner experience the city had ever seen. Even though it’s one of the best places you can visit in town, Roadster diner seems a little expensive for an everyday meal.

  1. Chez Roy

Chez Roy is the closest restaurant to the university. It’s a casual small place to have a meal, discussions with friends and play some Uno. But unfortunately this restaurant doesn’t have a variety in its menu and there’s not an unsmoking area.


  1. Crew hut

Best pasta place in Mar Mikael and a first choice for a hot cup of chicken alfredo. Loved during winter but some don’t find the meal quite enough.

  1. Pizza Nini

Loved for its 11000LL offer (mini pizza + fries + coke). Nevertheless, not all IESAV students seem to be fans of pizza.


  1. Mr Brown

What’s amazing about this restaurant is that you can choose which size of a salad you want and its price is quite good. Unfortunately, sandwiches are always delivered as cold as ice.

  1. McDonald’s

Everyone is a fan of McDonald’s and burger king for their crazy offers. Students can’t get enough of McDonald’s 19000LL offer and its crunchy nuggets.

  1. Burger King

You may be asking yourself why is Burger King at Top 4 not McDonald’s. Even though both have great offers, BK is a little bit more loved for its amazing steakhouse and chicken royal taste.


  1. Malak L Tawouk

First place that pops in mind when you’re broke and that ins’t as bad as it seems. This restaurant is the best place for 55cm “tawouk” sandwich!

  1. Sandwich w noss

Just when you ask for a tasty sandwich, “l katfa l malghoume” is the ultimate choice. 15 minutes away from the university, once you ordered, Sandwich w noss immediately sends you a link by message that let you trace your order all along the way and it gives you also the driver’s name & phone number.

  1. Classic Sandwich

Fastest, cheapest, tastiest place! 5$ are more than enough for a meal. You can’t get enough of it! Your order arrives in maximum 10 min!

To conclude, price and good taste is the thing that makes a student order again from a restaurant. So if you might open a restaurant later, know your audience!


Good taste makes everyone happy!


By happy. Be happy!

Have you ever lost hope? I’m sure you’ve done this to sheer yourself up!


When some people reach the bottom line they ask for help. Talking to someone when you’re in distress can really help but who are you actually talking to? Is it someone good at giving advice? At motivating you? Well if the answer is yes than this friend is a good wordsmith. But how many times you didn’t find anyone around you and you just googled “motivational quotes”? Maybe it seems dumb finding what you need to hear on the internet but it can help for sure!


There’s a bit of implicit coaching and power in those words. What makes their effect work is that humans are aspirational. They need to look up to someone, a role model, leader in every part of their life (job, sports, passion, art, acting…). For example, almost all basketball enthusiast follows Mikael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant… But the question is do these motivational quotes actually work?

Some scientist says that motivational inspirational quotes are the ideal self-encouragement. A well placed quote could provide a nugget of confidence or perspective just when needed. Others says that a perfect solution for someone to be inspired is a simple photo of nature.

Dean Burnett a Scottish photographer quoted: “I recently went to the gym for the first time in months, because my inability to climb the two flights of stairs to my office without needing to be defibrillated was becoming annoying. It was while desperately grappling some infernal contraption like I’d just fallen into the workings of Big Ben that I contemplated abandoning this whole “exercise” charade. But then I glanced at the wall and saw an image of a mountaintop, a stunning natural vista, underneath which was written something akin to “It takes effort to be all you can be”. I suddenly realized that, if I stuck at it and worked my hardest, I could be a mountain one day.”

So quotes can really be sheer you up but you should want to find an answer, a kind of help to your issue to be able to believe in what you read. Even though a quote have a positive effect it might not be the only thing to search for and for sure it cannot replace a friendly talk.


By Happy. Be Happy.