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Pourquoi Chrisotpher Nolan est un des meilleurs directeurs de nos jours ?

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Inception, Interstellar, et beaucoup d’autres films ont été adorés par le public. Le mix entre ce qui est pour le grand public et ce qui est artistique et symbolique est très facile pour Nolan.


Christopher Nolan


Christopher Edward Nolan, né le 30 juillet 1970 à Westminster, est un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste et éditeur britanno-américain. Il se fait connaître à la fin des années 1990 par un premier long métrage, Following.

Nolan est surtout reconnu pour la trilogie de Batman, dans laquelle il a poussé les films de superhéros de films d’action vers des films politiques, sociales engagés.


Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight


Sachant que Nolan n’aime pas utiliser le CGI et les after effects, ces tournages et explosions sont tous faites en réalité. Dans le film de The Dark Knight avec Heath Ledger, il y a une scène dans laquelle le Joker (Heath Ledger) sort de l’hôpital et veut la détonner, il y a eu un mal fonctionnement du ‘trigger’ et ce plan ne peut pas être répéter. Donc Heath Ledger improvise et le bâtiment fini par être détruit et c’était une scène remarquable. Même dans Inception avec la chambre qui tourne, la voiture qui tombe… tout a été filmé en réalité. Nolan tourne toujours en film, pour l’effet que la pellicule donne sur l’image.




Nolan a pu prouver qu’il est capable de faire des films de plusieurs genres :

1-      Filmes policiers : Following (1999)

2-      Filmes de thriller dramatique et psychologique : Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002) avec Al Pacino, The Prestige (2006)

3-      Super héros : Batman Triology

4-      Science-Fiction : Interstellar (2014), Inception (2010)

insomnia-2 Interstellar

Nolan est aussi reconnu pour être un écrivain, après avoir fini de tourner la trilogie de Batman, il s’est attardé sur Spider Man un autre caractère de DC, mais ce n’était pas lui le réalisateur de la série.

Comme on avait déjà dit le mix que Nolan fait dans ses films est très intéressant, comment il peut transformer le film d’une narration simple a un sujet psychologique, intéressant, même les vilains dans les films de Nolan sont spectaculaires. On ne peut pas détester les vilains de Nolan comme The Joker par exemple dans The Dark Knight, car il a une histoire, il est devenu comme ça à cause de son père. Il donne à ses vilains un aspect très humain qui force le spectateur à ne pas le détester, pour cela toutes les personnes qui aiment le cinéma doivent regarder ses films. Même les gens qui n’aiment pas les films d’action iront voir ses films car il sait comment faire le mélange idéal des thèmes.

Un nouveau film de Nolan est attendu en juillet intitulé Dunkirk, l’histoire du film se passe durant la deuxième guerre mondiale en Angleterre sur la plage de Dunkirk. Voilà le trailer du prochain film de Nolan

tips on how to get away with murder

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11 Tips to Get Away with Murder and Never Get Caught


Many people are looking at me strangely these couple of weeks. Yes, it is scary to admit, but in fact, I really admire criminal minds and murderers. Most of all, the intelligent untraceable ones. They can be tricky and very hard to figure out. Of course, I don’t appreciate the fact that someone has been violated to death and killed, but what strikes me the most is how murderers use their intelligence to hurt others in ways that aren’t easy to think of and evident to the policemen.


Who are these people?


I’ve always, myself, wanted to be a psychiatrist and be an expert in criminology and in criminal minds. But it frightened me to deal with the very dark side of a sick and twisted person. If the brain plays very bad tricks on a normal human such as believing in ghosts, maleficent spirits and zombie attacks after watching a horror movie, let’s not imagine what happens in a criminal sick mind. So I ended up stuck with watching movies, series and TV shows on serial killers and FBI trying to figure things out and get a glimpse on how to get away with murder.


Recently, my english teacher gave us this very interesting topic to work on and present, which is  : “Serial Killers”. This homework awakened even more my curiosity to increase my knowledge in this topic and with more and more research on the subject, I learned the mistakes that many of the murderers make and get caught. So I thought why not make a list of tips on how to get away with murder. Here it goes:


1.Don’t kill someone related or close to you : The victim better be a stranger because you will be the first person the cops will call and interrogate in case you knew them.

2.Purchasing crime equipment process : When buying the stuff you need for the crime like plastic bags, gloves, rope, tape … Pay with cash and never use a credit card since it’ll be harder for investigators to track you. Start the purchasing process months before the murder and buy each item once at a time. It is better for you to shop at large stores and not at small local ones. And most importantly, never forget to always burn the receipts relative to these purchases.

3.Get rid of the corpse : If you are opting to throw the corpse in a lake/sea/ocean, don’t ever wrap the body in a plastic bag or else it won’t drown. If you do insist on this option, you can always use a textile bag. Even better, tie the body with heavy stuff such as metal materials like bowling balls for example. Furthermore, you could always burn the corpse and throw its remaining in a lake/sea/ocean as well. Another way to make the corpse vanish, is to dissolve it using acid. This last option is the quickest, safest and most effortless one. It takes only half an hour for a corpse to dissolve in acid and it will disappear forever and ever.

4.Hide evidence: Don’t ever go to the crime scene without gloves and a cap or a hat. Your fingers as well as your hair should be covered at all times because it is the first thing investigators search for while on a crime scene: fingerprints of the murderer.

5.Solid alibi: Don’t forget to always build a strong alibi. Pay attention to the timing of the murder and trick the police into believing where and with who you were.

6.Get rid of the witnesses: While committing the crime, always pay attention to the existence of unwanted company. In case you face a witness, you’ll have to deal with a double murder. It is the only way to stay safe.

7.Having partners: Never trust anyone. It is preferable to commit a crime all alone, even if it takes double and triple the time and the effort. In the majority of cases, partners turn out to be more of a trouble than of help. Especially if you get suspected and investigated, they might crack under pressure or threats of being imprisoned or even undergo a death penalty in some countries and states.

8.Be very organised : Criminals who get caught very fast are those who act instinctively without scheduling the steps they’re planning to take. Be intelligent and plan everything carefully beforehand.

9.Victim’s related stuff: Don’t keep anything from the victim at your disposal. Everything related to the victim such as their private stuff, or the tools used to planning the murder such as the victim’s pictures or location maps must be burnt right away after the murder in order to get rid of any evidence that might be leading the police to your doorstep.

10.Murder related research: The internet is not a safe place to research murder  related matters. Even by deleting the search history you made on your laptop, the police can still track all the sites you’ve been surfing lately. It is better to not search online at all.

11.And most importantly, never blog about a list on how to get away with murder.




So now, you can consider yourself well prepared to commit a murder and I’ll assure you, you will always get away with it and never get caught by anyone. But don’t forget to follow the above tips step by step with no exceptions to achieve the perfect murder of all times


Finally, the ultimate advice I could give you is to never kill anyone because what comes around always comes back around.




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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thi also known as Thai Boxing is a sport based on a combat that was founded in Thailand. It is a stand up striking fight along with different techniques.

Muay Thai is a physical and mental discipline distingumiki7-hanumanshed by the combination of

using fists, knees, elbows, shins… all of these are bound to a good physicalpreparation for the fighter.

Nowadays, Muay Thai became an epiemic, extensive, popular and international sports.

This sport is governed by the P.A.T. also know
n as The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand, it is also authorized by the S.A.T. also known as The Sport Authority of Thailand, and the WMF also known as World Muay Thai Federation.

History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a cultural martial art developed Thailand. The emergence of Muay Thai dates back to hundred of years ago, and was, essentially, developed as a form of close-combat
in witch your entire body is your only weapon.

Muay Thai has come a long way in the last 100 years. Because of the great national popularity, Muay Thai began to garner international exposure and recognition. In World War II, Thai soldiers were stationed overseas, and foreigners recieved their first good look at Muay Thai firsthand. Muay Thai was named by foreigners as Siam Boxing, as Thailand was formerly Siam. During WW II, the French labeled Muay Thai as « Le Sport Orient » or the fighting style of the orient. The Thai soldiers participating in the war would practice Muay Thai among themselves as soldiers from Europe and America watched with great interest. Until that time, Muay Thai was a cultural gem, hidden within this strange and wonderful culture of this country called Thailand.


history-of-muay-thaiToday, the evolution of Muay Thai is finally reaping rewards and recognition. Muay Thai was recently accepted as an Olympic sport, and it is becoming quite popular in many countries throughout the world. Professional fighters in martial arts, K-1, and submission fighting all agree, Muay Thai is an essential part of being an all-around skilled fighter and having stand-up fighting skills. Muay Thai will continue to grow in popularity as new training camps and gyms open around the world.



Best Muay Thai Fighter

#1: Samart Payakaroon (The Muhammed Ali of Muay Thai)

Most people consider Samart to be the greatest fighter of all time. Samart has a boxing record of 21-2, and was WBC super-bantam weight champ and has 4 Lumpinee belts.