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5 ways to kill a butterfly in class

5 ways to kill a butterfly in class


Have you ever had those days where you’re just sitting in class when suddenly your eye is caught but a flying bug.

Is that bug a butterfly?

Do you have a phobia of butterfly?

Well here are simple ways to kill a butterfly in class.


Step #1 : analyze it’s movements

Remember, never show fear, they can smell it. So just sit back, relax and watch it for a while. Analyze It’s movements for a while, make sure that you have studied the creature so well that you know it’s next move.



Step #2 : get close

At this point you know everything about the butterfly, so don’t be scared, get up start walking around, act natural and don’t let it suspect anything. You know what they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


And when it stops flying, approach it slowly.


Step #3 : sneak attack

You can go many ways here; there’s the good old fashioned roll and hit. You basically take any random paper, roll it and use that as your weapon.

Or you can go full on serial killer; any type of sharp object will do. Scissors, the sharp side of your compass, even a pen if you not have any of the above. Remember speed is the key.


Don’t worry about your friends thinking you’re crazy, they will thank you once you have saved them from the pesky creature.

Take your victory and walk with head up high.

Phases you go through during an exam

Phases you go through during an exam


If you are a student this goes without saying, but there’s no doubt that exam season is nerve wrecking. So here are a few phases any student goes to before, during and after an exam.



Motivated Nancy

You know Nancy; we all have that one friend that is always bragging that they did not study. When we all know they probably started studying in march for an exam taking place in June. So naturally you get motivated, you want to be just as good as motivated Nancy.


So you go out to your local book store and get everything you will need to be organized and prepared. Planners , colored pens , sticky notes , highlighters all that good stuff. You then lay down a very detailed schedule of everyday, up until the day of the exam. Hour by hour and minute by minute, not a second to waste.

But the organized life isn’t for everyone, because you know deep down that the second a new episode of your favorite series comes on, all your hard work will be meaningless.


Procrastinating George

You already messed up that schedule by binge watching all the Seinfeld seasons, so you’re already far behind. How much could a nap possible hurt you; what the hell take two naps! You’re not going to focus if you’re tired, your body is a machine, you need to take care of it.

You still have time, no need to stress. Your exam is only a week away, you are not failing just yet, you’ll pick up where you left off early the next morning.

Setting alarms, planning what you’re going to eat for breakfast so that you’ll be well concentrated.


But little did you know, that all of that is just talk.


Denying Daniel

Is the evening of the exam, you should be studying, but what are you doing? Probably watching pranks on YouTube. Because you somehow convinced yourself that you do not need to study, you’ll simply read the lesson before going to bed. You got this down, your photographic memory will not disappoint you.


But you still have hope for yourself, you will not fail! You’re going to set an alarm 2 hours before the exam, get up, read the lesson once more just in case you missed a detail, and you’re going to nail it.


But sadly … if you’ve gotten this far … odds are you will not do any of the above. Instead you’re going to end up being …


Over sleeping Katty

Your alarm goes off once, and twice … eight times, but why are you still hitting the snooze button? Because the denial phase has not worn off yet, five more minutes are not going to fail you.


You finally get up after an hour of your alarm going off, get dressed and head to the exam. You arrive a few minutes early and the first thing you see are all your classmates holding a stack of papers, refreshing their memory.


So you start to freak out a little, you can’t possibly be the only one who has not tried one bit. But then, there’s this one kid, just like you that walks up and asks “Am I the only one who hasn’t read a word?”


You feel kind of relieved, someone is in this mess with you! If that isn’t team work I don’t know what is. You both make a pact, to help each other cheat and support each other during the makeup exams, because let’s face it you will never pass it the first time.


But somewhere along this instant friendship, you find them asking for another double sheet of paper and you start to wonder … what are they writing? Didn’t they say that they did not read a word? Are they simply that smart?

So you ask that person why they wrote that much, but they reassure you that all of that was out of context and useless. And being the naïve simple minded that you are, you believe every little lie they just fed you.


Lonely Leny

The results are about to come out, you’re extremely anxious, but a little reassured. Remember that one lying friend that told you they failed? Well they ended up doing brilliantly, the second highest grade in class. And then there’s you …


You did not only fail, you did miserably. So bad that you’re starting to wonder how you got this far in life. Not only did your friend let you down, your mind did too. But it’s okay because a new episode of your favorite series just came out and that’s all that matters