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Europe , Here I come !

Looking for a new adventure this summer ?

Tired of all the stress your work or school has been putting you through ?

It’s finally time for a stressless vacation , where you can finally enjoy your time !


Europe has always been a tourist attraction continent , most of the world population have already visited half of this continent and is now looking at the other half.

This guide is far from the usual , a guide where we will introduce 5 of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe that you definitely have not visited yet !

Number one on the list is Copenhagen , a city located in Denmark. This originally Viking fishing village is nowadays an interesting city to visit where you can find different beautiful places , such as :

Tivoli Gardens , this amusement park became an inspiration for many fairytale writers specially Walt Disney and many other celebrities. Day or Night , this place is amazing. At Night , thousands of colored lights give us a fairytale atmosphere.


Number two, is Prague, Czech Republic. This city became a huge must-visit place in 2017, where you can find a beautiful and colorful Old Town Square in the center of the city.

Old Town Square , is known for its architecture that dates back to the 15th century. In this place , you will really find anything : catholic churches , a jewish church and even a prison. It is the perfect place to begin with when you are about to visit the city of Prague.


Third number on the list is , Reykjavik in Iceland. Yes it is a city that you have never thought you would visit but it is where you will have one of the most beautiful experiences.

Northern Lights, or also name Aurora Borealis, are one of the most popular visitor attractions in Iceland.

These Auroras are linked to solar wind, a flow of ions radiating from the sun. Atmospheric conditions and the weather play a big role in this spectacular natural light show, and clear skies are a must.If you are lucky enough , they can be seen in most places throughout Iceland from around late September until the beginning of April.

Number four , Gdansk is located on the Baltic Coast of Poland. This city was reconstructed after World War II , and is now a great attractions for tourists around the world.

The European Solidarity Center , is a very new museum that despite that became a number one attraction in the city. If it is the design or the exhibitions it contains, the place is amazing. Specially for all architecture lovers, since the building is made of steel and its design is meant to resemble that of a ship.

And last but not least , number five is Lapland in Finland. Ever wondered whether Santa Claus is real or not ? Well here is your answer , he is real and he lives in Finland in his own village !

Santa Claus Village , a place where you can find different restaurants and parks , as well as Santa Claus’ Office , his main post office and an Arctic Circle that cuts right through the village , when you cross this white line you officially enter the arctic area , majestic !



What are you waiting for ? Pack your bag and go on a new adventure this year , a Europe adventure like you have never seen.

Be the first to visit those amazing and new places !

Bon Voyage !

Maria Nasrallah – Lynn Rammal – Fouad Sakr