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What are the top 10 most loved restaurants for IESAV students? Let’s find out!

  1. Roadster diner

When Roadster Diner first opened its Achrafieh doors in 1998, the idea was simple: create the homiest, most authentic diner experience the city had ever seen. Even though it’s one of the best places you can visit in town, Roadster diner seems a little expensive for an everyday meal.

  1. Chez Roy

Chez Roy is the closest restaurant to the university. It’s a casual small place to have a meal, discussions with friends and play some Uno. But unfortunately this restaurant doesn’t have a variety in its menu and there’s not an unsmoking area.


  1. Crew hut

Best pasta place in Mar Mikael and a first choice for a hot cup of chicken alfredo. Loved during winter but some don’t find the meal quite enough.

  1. Pizza Nini

Loved for its 11000LL offer (mini pizza + fries + coke). Nevertheless, not all IESAV students seem to be fans of pizza.


  1. Mr Brown

What’s amazing about this restaurant is that you can choose which size of a salad you want and its price is quite good. Unfortunately, sandwiches are always delivered as cold as ice.

  1. McDonald’s

Everyone is a fan of McDonald’s and burger king for their crazy offers. Students can’t get enough of McDonald’s 19000LL offer and its crunchy nuggets.

  1. Burger King

You may be asking yourself why is Burger King at Top 4 not McDonald’s. Even though both have great offers, BK is a little bit more loved for its amazing steakhouse and chicken royal taste.


  1. Malak L Tawouk

First place that pops in mind when you’re broke and that ins’t as bad as it seems. This restaurant is the best place for 55cm “tawouk” sandwich!

  1. Sandwich w noss

Just when you ask for a tasty sandwich, “l katfa l malghoume” is the ultimate choice. 15 minutes away from the university, once you ordered, Sandwich w noss immediately sends you a link by message that let you trace your order all along the way and it gives you also the driver’s name & phone number.

  1. Classic Sandwich

Fastest, cheapest, tastiest place! 5$ are more than enough for a meal. You can’t get enough of it! Your order arrives in maximum 10 min!

To conclude, price and good taste is the thing that makes a student order again from a restaurant. So if you might open a restaurant later, know your audience!


Good taste makes everyone happy!


By happy. Be happy!

Comment perdre du poid et se sentire bien dans sa peau!


Vous aviez surement cliqué sur se lien en espérant tombé sur le site parfait qui vous aidera enfin a perdre du poids. Mais malheureusement non ! Je vais plutôt vous aider a vous sentir bien dans votre peau, et vous aimer tel que vous êtes. Pour cela, je vais vous donner mes les 3 secrets qui m’ont permis d’avancer a se stade la : aimez-vous, acceptez-vous, pardonnez-vous.


AIMEZ-VOUS: Malgré toutes les insécurité que vous détestiez chez vous, Aimez-vous. Encrez le dans votre tête. Je pourrais passer des heures a vous parler de toutes les raisons pour laquelle vous devriez vous aimer, mais une des raison la plus importante : si vous, vous ne vous aimiez pas, qui le fera alors ? Personnellement, je suis passer dans une période assez dure de ma vie, qui ma permit de prendre conscience sur certaine choses. Moi aussi, je voulais absolument perdre du poids. J’avais tout essayé, et je suis tombée dans l’anorexie. J’ai du énormément souffrir pour reprendre mon poids normale et avoir une sante saine. Et dans cette période la que j’ai regretter, et que j’ai compris que tout dépendait de moi et de ma façon de penser et voir les choses. En regagnant mon poids normale, j’ai tout simplement appris a m’aimer. D’ailleurs, j’ai un challenge pour vous, chaque matin réveiller vous, et noter toutes les choses que vous aimiez chez vous pendant 30 jours.


ACCEPTEZ-VOUS: La confiance en soit est l’une des clé du succès. Nous avons tous des insécurités qui nous feront très souvent doutes de nous et qui même parfois nous empêcherons de faire certaines choses. Avec le temps, pendant mon traitement, j’ai appris à identifier toutes mes insécurités, et a les accepter, parfois même m’en moquer moi même. Vous avez tout pour plaire, et tant que vous pouvez rester vous complimenter, même si cela paraît dure. Chaque matin, réveiller vous et face à un miroir, répéter vous que vous êtes belles. Plus vous le dites plus vous y croyez. En regagnant moi poids normale, je me suis très vite accepter. Pourquoi ne pas le faire ?


PARDONNEZ-VOUS: L’étape qui suit est très importante pour avancer. Pardonnez-vous. Pendant très longtemps vous aviez été dur sur vous même, vous vous été rabaisser. Vous vous êtes détesté, en pensant que si vous été comme sa, c’est de votre faute. Et plus vous le dites plus vous y croyez et plus vous lâcher tout. Pardonnez-vous car en fin de compte nous sommes tous humain. Nous avons tous des insécurités, et c’est parfois notre insécurité qui nous rende beau. Pendant mon anorexie je me suis tellement en voulut d’avoir échouer encore une fois. Je ne voulais plus rien faire, ni avancer et essayer d’aller mieux. Mais petit a petit j’ai pris conscience, ce n’était pas de ma faute et rien est encore perdu. Aujourd’hui lorsque j’y repense, j’ai un petit pincement au cœurs, mais je ne regrette rien et je ne men veux pour rien. Car grâce a tout ces moments horribles que j’ai pu vivre, j’y ai surmonté, et je suis devenue la fille que je suis aujourd’hui. Pardonnez est une force.



9 foods you can eat as much as you want from, without gaining weight

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t quite easy. Being restricted to just three meals per day, with a certain number of grams is not satisfying at all. Also, dieting becomes boring when you end up eating the same meals day after day -Oats for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch and salad for dinner-, but snacking is an essential!

Instead of grabbing the first potato chips bag you see, or devouring a chocolate bar, you should eat some superfoods. Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

So, here is a list of foods you can eat as much as you want without gaining weight:

 1. Blueberries


Blueberries are one of the most delicious fruits! It is also a flexible food that can be added to any meal. You can add it to your yogurt or granola bowl. You can also make healthy ice cream with blending some frozen blueberries. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world and contain a broad range of antioxidants. It is also rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin K. One cup of blueberries contains only 85 calories.

2. Edamame


The word edamame means « stemmed-bean ». Edamame are immature soybeans. It is considered as nuts substitute. It can easily be merged in any kind of pasts, salads, grain bowls and even smoothies. Yet it is often eaten steamed with a bit of sea salt sprinkled on the top. Edamame is gluten free and contains no cholesterol. It is an excellent source of protein. It also contains iron and calcium. A cup of edamame is only 130 calories.

3. Egg Whites


Egg whites can be easy purchased pre-separated in easy-to pour cartons found in supermarkets. You can make a delicious omelet with the egg whites combined with tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. Egg whites can also be eaten alone, or added to a salad. The egg white contains more than 66% of the egg’s total amount of protein, magnesium and potassium. It is also rich in sodium. The whites of one egg contain only 17 calories.

4. Portobello Mushrooms


Portobello is just one of the 35,000 different varieties of mushrooms. Yet its size and hearty texture makes it a popular meat substitute. It can be eaten in a veggie burger or stuffed with spinach, garlic and tomatoes. Portobello mushrooms are rich in Vitamin B. They are high in Choline, which is a nutrient that contributes to weight loss by reducing inflammation. There is only 18 calories in one large Portobello cap, so don’t be afraid to eat as many as you can stomach!

5. Sweet Potato


Due to their high carb content, many people avoid potatoes when trying to lose weight, but they shouldn’t!  Sweet potato is one of the healthiest foods on earth. You can have your sweet potato as a side dish over lunch, or you can have it as a snack. It is rich with a pigment that automatically transforms into Vitamin A in the human body. It is also rich in fiber. One medium sized sweet potato contains 112 calories.

6. Oranges

Fresh oranges

This citrus fruit is considered as a weight loss tool. Eating an orange is healthy and yet delicious. You can eat an orange as a snack, or you can add it to your refreshing salad. Oranges contain 87% water; therefore, it can fill you up for only few calories. Oranges are also high in Pectin, which can slow the digestion process and increase satiety. They are also rich in Vitamin C, and contain many other nutrients such as potassium and Vitamin B. There are only 62 calories in a medium sized orange.

7. Air popped Popcorn


If you’re either entering the movie theater or just preparing a snack at home, air-popped popcorn makes a healthy alternative to any other snack option. It takes a lot of place in your stomach, since it is high in volume. Even though popcorn contains only small amounts of vitamins yet, it is rich in antioxidants. A cup of popcorn contains 1.3 grams of fiber. One cup of popcorn contains only 31 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. So don’t be afraid to eat as much as you wish!

8. Celery


Celery isn’t like any boring vegetable. It is formed of a large amount of water (95%).  You can either eat few stalks, or blend some to make a healthy green juice. Celery is rich in fiber. It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K and potassium. Or just try dipping them in hummus for a healthy snack. One stack of celery has only 6.5 calories. So, you can eat a lot of stacks, feel full right away, and gain no weight; ‘just like magic’!

9. Arugula


Arugula also known as rocket is a green vegetable. It is an annual edible plant. It has a peppery and slightly bitter taste. Arugula is perfect for making a salad, especially if served with shaved Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. It contains very high Nitrate level, in addition to Vitamin K and Vitamin A. it also has traces of Vitamin C and calcium.  One cup of arugula contains less than 5 calories. So, keep eating these greens!

Here is a video that includes an Almond Arugula pesto reipe


Hope this article was an added value for you. We always wished to eat as much as we want without gaining weight, and now our dream came true! And never forget that while trying to lose weight, one should never feel hungry. If you ever feel hungry, then you’re doing it wrong!

Live Long, Keep Snacking 😉

Healthy can be delicious, too !

People live in a dilemma between healthy and fast food. Every type has its advantages, disadvantages but percentages are different. Due to a psychological research, fast foods are very attractive because of their well designed and shaped dishes, which make the customer’s eyes lead the way and his tongue merely follow, to hide the drawbacks. « People’s perception is typically dominated by what their eyes see » Charles Spence.

Nutrition Decision


We all agree that fruits and vegetables are boring, needs effort, time and money to make a plate. But what if, we get to know more about theses babies, their magical benefits, enjoy observing their lovely colours and, tips and tricks to delightful and affordable meals?


The greatest wealth is health 

Healthy food can lead to a healthy lifestyle; therefore to a better living full of vitamins and fibers. These nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals), help the body generate new cells, clean toxins and just function well every day. Eating properly, especially fruits and vegetables, can prevent future infections and diseases, like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic diseases. They are fun to eat and help as a natural and quick snack. Some crunch, some splash, some you peel and some you don’t. Fruits and veggies are found everywhere in an enormous variety (fresh, canned, dried, frozen and 100% juice). People who care about staying fit, have to know that they are naturally low in calories and present fibers that keep the digestive system gratified.

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Hight fat and high calories foods can be replaced with lean proteins and whole grains, that keeps you full throughout the days than junk foods that makes you crave for more.


The secret behind a healthy smile is the high fiber fruits and vegetables that desire lots of chewing, bracing saliva with antimicrobials to reduce bacteria in the mouth.

Chicken full of protein leads to a healthy body weight and even weight loss, due to the vitamin B6 that encourages enzymes and metabolic cellular reactions. it works as a natural anti-depressant. Chicken is well provided in phosphorus (indispensable mineral), that reinforces your kidney and central nervous system.

High fiber foods, that also have a high water content, such as fruits and vegetables moisturize the skin and give you a shiny, clean and clear face, fighting the wrinkles.

Don’t be fooled: Fast food isn’t healthy

Junk food has a special taste and a very unique influence on the society. People are always busy and have no time to think about their meals or even to prepare something to eat, thinking that it will take forever to cook something healthy, which is not true. For this reason, they refer to drive through meals, when they can find fast foods restaurants on almost every street corner. In addition, to save money, fast food is the smartest way, for the reason that it’s much cheaper than homemade meals, which is as well, not that true. We all know, that some fast food in our restaurants nowadays, cost a big amount of money. Furthermore, theses types of food, present so many choices in different flavors from different cultures.


However, people who get used to this unhealthy lifestyle (especially high in sodium: potato chips, pizza, french fries…) have a high percentage of increasing stroke risks, heart diseases, shortness of breaths and diabetes. Obesity is the frequent consequence of junk food. People can’t make control of what they are eating and what is penetrating their bodies, as well as not being aware of their drawbacks. « For example, it would take 7 hours of exercise to burn off the calories in a large coke, fries and a big mac from Mc Donald’s ».


Who said deserts can’t be healthy?

Greek Yoghurt fruit tart:


The whole process of preparing this tart will take about 15 minutes of your precious time! The tart’s crust is made of nuts and dates. You can substitute dates with raisins or dried cranberries. Blend the two ingredients together to make a moist and press it into a tart or a cake pan. Disperse the Greek yogurt overtop. You can add any flavour to your mix, like vanilla or strawberry flavour. Spread the fresh strawberries and whatever fruits you love on the top to mostly cover the yogurt.

Strawberry ice cream: 


Use a blender with a metallic knife to chop 1 cup of strawberries into small pieces. Blend together: pure yogurt, sugar, vanilla and remaining stawberries until smooth. Stir the chopped strawberries and the mix together. Cover and freeze about 1 hour. Your own ice cream is done within few minutes.

Pulled chicken sandwich: 


Can we make this healthy and delicious meal in 30 minutes? yes!

Combine 3 tablespoons of ketchup, 1 tablespoon cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin, 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger and 12 ounces skinless boneless chicken tights into a medium sauce pan. On a medium – low heat cover and cook for 23 minutes within stirring in between until chicken is done and tender. Place 1/2 cup chicken on bottom half of each sandwich rolls. Top each with pickles and enjoy your meal.

Take care of your health it’s your only weapon to affront intellectual problems, health diseases, and physical troubles. Always remember that the perfect mind is found in a healthy body. Many more meals recipes are coming to make your life easier. From now till then make the change in life you think you need.








Quel est le gâteau d’anniversaire idéal ?

Le jour de leurs anniversaires est le jour plus attendu. Les cadeaux, les invites, les amis, la famille… mais le plus important c’est le gâteau qui va annoncer sa nouvelle année , ce jour la, les  rêves deviennent une réalité. Les gâteaux d’anniversaire se ressemble d’une part ou d’une autre , mais pour être unique et spéciale , le Rainbow cake peut être exécuter. c’est un gâteau a plusieurs couches qui contient les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel et c’est très facile a faire ! vous pouvez vous même le faire a la maison . a72c29de-3df2-42df-af7c-1b2433cdb149

Le secret de ce gâteau c’est qu’il attire par ses couleurs et sa forme , le plaisir de dévorer. Ce gâteau n’est pas seulement beau a voir, mais encore plus bon a goûter ! Il faut satisfaire aussi les invites et les encourager a avoir envie de goûter le gâteau car en générale dans les anniversaires surtout , la plus part ne mange pas .bubblegum-rainbow-cake-91475-1

voici les ingrédients:(pour 10 pers ) 

-200 g de beurre mou

-200 g de sucre poudre

-6 œufs

-400 g de farine de blé

-1 sachet de levure chimique

-25 cl de lait (1/4 litre de lait)

-1 cuillère a café de vanille en poudre

-250 g de mascarpone

– 500 g de crème liquide entière

-100 g de sucre glace

Pour la préparation en détail :

.Tout d’abord dans un bol , fouettez le beurre mou avec le sucre jusqu’à avoir une consistance de pommade, puis mélanger les œufs avec la farine et la levure , mettez le lait au dessus et les mélanges tous ensembles .

.Après avoir faire la pâte ,on la partage en 6 parts égales et on place chaque part dans un bol.

.Coloriez chaque pâte avec l’une des couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel a l’aide d’un colorant artificiel (violet,bleu,vert,jaune,orange et rouge ).images (2)

.Chaque pâte on la cuit séparément , comptez 10 a 15 mins de cuisson pour chaque pâte , on le met a 180 C.

.On laisse les pâtes  se refroidir un peu environ (10 mins).images (3)

.Coupez le dessus de chaque part pour avoir une galette bien lisse .

.On mélange la crème fraîche et le mascarpone pour qu’ils deviennent une crème puis ajouter le sucre , continuez de fouetter pour avoir une chantilly.

.Pour le montage du Rainbow cake : déposez le cercle de pâte de la couleur violet sur le plat de présentation ,mettez la crème de chantilly et lissez a la spatule. Continuez la même choses en déposant les autres couleurs les uns sur les autres (cercle bleu-chantilly- cercle vert-chantilly…).images (4)téléchargement

.Puis recouvrez entièrement le gâteau de chantilly au mascarpone .images (1)

.Enfin pour le décorez vous pouvez ajoutez des petites pointes de chantilly sur le bord et la base. Gateau-arc-en-ciel-ou-rainbow-cake

Le gâteau est très essentiel dans toutes les occasions, pas seulement dans les anniversaires , le Rainbow cake peut être utiliser dans n’importe quelle occasion (mariage, anniversaire, events …).

f93517b61004458c3d84cb2686d88346téléchargement (1)

c’est le gâteau qui enrichi chaque fête ,c’est pour cela qu’il faut le prendre en considération.

le gâteau doit être magique ! surtout par son gout ,donc  je vais vous donnez des recettes de gâteau pour des occasions pas très intéressantes , mais très facile a faire et très bon : la recette du quatre-quart :

tout d’abord mettez le four a 180 c , commencez a fondre le beurre(30 g) , fouettez les œufs(3 œufs) avec le sucre(sucre en poudre ) pendant 5 mins ( il faut bien mélanger) ,puis ajouter la farine(5g de farines) et fouettez. Enfin ajoutez le beurre fondu et mélangez . Mettez le dans le four 10 mins a 180 c puis baisser la température a 145 c . quatre-quart

Cette recette peut être faire par les enfants aussi car elle est très facile!

-La recette du gâteau invisible aux pommes :

Fouettez 2 œufs ensembles et 30 g de sucre roux pour qu’ils deviennent mous, ajoutez 30 g de beurre fondu puis la farine(100 g de farine ) ,la levure , la cannelle(1 cuillère), délayez petit a petit avec le lait (13 cl de lait ) . Préchauffez le four a 180 C ,coupez et épluchez les pommes (1 kg de pommes ) coupez les pommes en quatre et tranchez de tranches très fines  ,incorporer les pommes, renverser la préparation dans la moule et enfourer pour 50 mins .