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Ever thought of writing your own poems?

Other than music lyrics, books to tell story to others, or even movie scripts, a great way to express yourself and free yourself from your own mind, is writing your very own poems. You can literally write poems about anything you want. There’s no rules that tells you how or what to write about. Take me for example, when I feel something or I feel down sometimes, I directly take my note book and start to write down words. Everything start with a grab of a pencil. You just have to write down a single word. Eventually you’ll find yourself later turning these words into sentences. But this is what freedom of expression looks like.

Thousands of types of poems exist throughout the world of literature. You can write down your feelings about anything. From love to nature, going through patriotic poems. Even though you write a little something on your note book, that can count as an idea of a future poem.

Here’s, for example, ideas of poems that you can write about, for each style!

How about Love poems?

 How everyone see things will depend only upon themselves and not by others– The feeling of love

 Ever felt this feeling that you don’t know how to express for a living soul that you just don’t do it out of fear that they might reject you for some reason? Ever felt this feeling that you are so much in love with someone that you completely lost your words when it comes to talking to them and you become speechless?

Well, here’s your chance to express your feeling through love poems! Lots of people in our world have negative thought when it comes to poems, but they are indeed a good way to put down and getting out what you feel deep inside you. They are and can be the core of maybe a new song after all!

Why not some poems about mother nature?

 Are you a lover of nature? are you a person of the spiritual world that tells you to treat nature as your own mother and to respect her without disturbing her with any sound in order to let her live by her own? are you a person of ecology interest or any interest that concern mother nature and you want to fight for it so people can hear you out?

You can talk about it through any poems of your own! Again: Even poems can be a way to defend a cause! not only on a sentimental level but on a social level to!

Maybe some poems about your country?

Cette ville me parlait de tout et de rien,

Cette ville me disait tout,

Cette ville n’avait plus aucuns secrets

Pour moi– De Beyrouth à la fin de mes jours

Being a patriotic person, I always criticize the different issues that my country is going through nowadays. Not only I criticize it, but I try to defend it as much as I can so people become aware of what they are going through in a place that is theirs. People should indeed treat and behave in their own country as they behave in their homes, they should behave as civilized people between them. This is what I talk about the most in my poems about my country Lebanon. We live indeed in a world that is so messed up that we should try and fight hard for it so it can move fast-forward and not stay in the ancient world, where it got stuck years ago! So indeed: poems are and can be another way to express yourself through. Even though it’s a cause that you care about! Say what you have to say whether it is through your writing or out loud!

So don’t be ashamed by what people say, think or will think about you! Let them say whatever they need to say! Let it go! Don’t let them influence you by what they think or say! Again: that’s what freedom of speech and thought looks like! Don’t let things mess with your mind and your inner soul! Write things down, express yourself! Say what you got to say! Shout it out loud if needed! Go for it! Don’t let people get in your way on your writing route!

“Shout it loud like a Bird set free” as Sia says it in her song and don’t forget to share your poems with us!



Have you ever lost hope? I’m sure you’ve done this to sheer yourself up!


When some people reach the bottom line they ask for help. Talking to someone when you’re in distress can really help but who are you actually talking to? Is it someone good at giving advice? At motivating you? Well if the answer is yes than this friend is a good wordsmith. But how many times you didn’t find anyone around you and you just googled “motivational quotes”? Maybe it seems dumb finding what you need to hear on the internet but it can help for sure!


There’s a bit of implicit coaching and power in those words. What makes their effect work is that humans are aspirational. They need to look up to someone, a role model, leader in every part of their life (job, sports, passion, art, acting…). For example, almost all basketball enthusiast follows Mikael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant… But the question is do these motivational quotes actually work?

Some scientist says that motivational inspirational quotes are the ideal self-encouragement. A well placed quote could provide a nugget of confidence or perspective just when needed. Others says that a perfect solution for someone to be inspired is a simple photo of nature.

Dean Burnett a Scottish photographer quoted: “I recently went to the gym for the first time in months, because my inability to climb the two flights of stairs to my office without needing to be defibrillated was becoming annoying. It was while desperately grappling some infernal contraption like I’d just fallen into the workings of Big Ben that I contemplated abandoning this whole “exercise” charade. But then I glanced at the wall and saw an image of a mountaintop, a stunning natural vista, underneath which was written something akin to “It takes effort to be all you can be”. I suddenly realized that, if I stuck at it and worked my hardest, I could be a mountain one day.”

So quotes can really be sheer you up but you should want to find an answer, a kind of help to your issue to be able to believe in what you read. Even though a quote have a positive effect it might not be the only thing to search for and for sure it cannot replace a friendly talk.


By Happy. Be Happy.