The Top 4 unsolved murders you’ve got to learn about

For all of you mystery lovers out there, these are the Top 4 murders that no one has ever solved. Murders that shocked the whole world, and now it’s your turn to maybe prove your intelligence and solve them, or else we may just give you ideas.   # 4.The Black Dahlia. Elizabeth Short was […]

The Lebanese haunted Hotel that’ll scare you to your very core

We all have a small belief in ghosts , some of us think they’re evil, some think they’re just like us and some even communicate with them. If you think you’re neither and you really don’t believe they exist , try arguing with that after reading this article and maybe visiting the Hotel AMRIEH. YES […]

Il ne faisait qu’eventrer, Jack

It is true that we live in a world that is falling into a total depression, a world whose circumstances guide steps towards madness … The dead? We do not count the number, so there are …. The peace ? We dream of it, so far it is. The serial killers? A phenomenon that has […]

What The Internet WON’T Tell You About Social Consumer

In recent years, with the growth of Internet, social media have become a virtual space that enables people to communicate, interact, and share their experience. As the frequency of using internet increases, the rate of social media use has also increased (Dryer, 2010). Due to the increase of popularity of social media, people nowadays spend […]

“Untitled”, de Jean Michel Basquiat, adjuge pour plus de 100 millions de dollars.

    Le monde de l’art contemporain a connu une évolution la semaine dernière après la vente d’une peinture de Jean Michel Basquiat a plus de 110.5 millions de dollars.   Le 17 mai 2017, une peinture sans titre de ‘The Radiant Child” vendu pour uniquement 19000$ par deux collectionneurs d’art, Jerry et Emily Spiegel, […]

Nouvelle Vague de Youtube Channels: Musique d’Animation

Le monde de l’animation est aujourdh’ui un monde énorme, accessible très facilement, surtout via internet. Que ce soit les jeux vidéo ou les séries animées, il s’agit d’une source de divertissement envahissante. Mais comment se fait-il que le charme de ce monde atteigne tellement de sociétés différentes? Il est sûr qu’une infinité de réponses nous […]

Benefits Of Alcohol

Throughout the 10,000 or so years that humans have been drinking fermented beverages, they’ve also been arguing about their advantages and disadvantages. The debate still rages today, with a lively back-and-forth over whether alcohol is good for you or bad for you. It’s safe to say that alcohol is both a tonic and a poison. […]

First Impressions

“I will shed all of this skin down to the very bone beneath it if that is what it will take for people to come to the realization that appearance is not what makes a human beautiful.” However, society can be shallow, people tend to conform to the social standard of beauty in order not […]

Athletes Salaries

During the early 1900s, professional athletes such as baseball players in the United States, like “Shoeless Joe” Jackson and Eddie Cicottee earned $6,000-$7,000 per year, which is the equivalent to $46,000-$5,000 in present day. These rates are comparable to blue collar worker today, who earns between $29,000-$40,000 per year. Although athletes still earn more than […]

On va chantez, on va danser… oui c’est la mort !

Oui, c’est vrai ! Pour ceux qui n’auront pas la chair de poule de voir des cadavres, voici un nouveau défi : danser avec des morts. «    » est une tradition funéraire des Malgaches à Madagascar. Connu comme le tournant des os, les gens produisent les corps de leurs ancêtres des cryptes de la famille et les enroulent […]