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Those are the top 5 kid-friendly cat breeds!


Studies has always shown us the great benefits of children who grow up with pets.They tend to be more sociable with communication skills, get wind of new things easily and be more compassionate towards people.
The following are 5 cat breeds that are known for their kid-friendly character.






Love is the main character; this cat breed loves to love both giving and receiving it.its smart and receptive to training.Its highly recommended for helping children to practice their reading skills by reading aloud to the cat.


rag doll cat
This breed doesn’t demand attention but enjoy it.
All it needs is a family walk around the neighborhood.
Helps children to do their homework due to his purring bundle.


Its the best breed cat for indoor life.
it gives and receives affection in equal turns.

4-Maine coon

One of the most beloved breed cats.
The coon know us by time and adapt to our needs.
the coon loves some catch and fetch games with kids.

5-Exotic shorthair

The exotic shorthair has an exceptionally gentle, kind ,curious fun-loving and playful personality.They are ideal pets for city and apartment living.
the exotic shorthair cat are patient with children.

Don’t forget that Bringing a cat or any pet into the home is a big responsibility.
Choose the pet by their character and not on looks alone.
Meet the pet and ask a lots of questions to the shelter worker.