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The nightlife in Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the countries in the Middle East that includes many fields and domains connected to each other. It is known best for its ruins and tourism attraction, its cuisine and delicious food, its friendly and welcoming population, its strategic location, and finally, its amazing nightlife. Its nightlife attracts people from around the globe and proves itself to be more than great and wonderful, and especially during the summer. That does not mean it is non-existent during the winter, it just is highlighted during the season of joy, happiness, and great weather.

In Lebanon, some of the clubs close during the winter and open during the summer whereas there are other cases that happen to work vice versa. 

The citizens in the country do not miss out on going to the best clubs in town, the best pubs to relax and have a drink, or the best outdoor parties and events organized in a non-venue place. 

Lebanon is indeed mostly known for its nightlife, and especially Beirut, the capital of this amazing country. Beirut contains hundreds of clubs and pubs where people can go and enjoy their night that would start well; let’s face it, afternoon. People usually go to pubs after having an exhausting day at the office or in class, and grab a drink during happy hour that goes from 5 till 8 p.m. They are then able to go to another pub or stay in the same one until the night ends. This routine can be repeated during the weekends, but must be joined by partying at one of the famous nightclubs or rooftops in Lebanon. Depending on the kind of music that is wanted, there are many options people can go to during summer, and these options might have a nightclub atmosphere while being on a rooftop. Caprice is a great example to this case, where depending on which night, people can enjoy an RNB night, a French night including old but gold songs, Arabic bands performing, or a simple Bazaar night that joins many kinds during the same party. On the weekend, there are two ways to finish your night properly and they both start at 2 a.m. a person either goes to B018 after to continue their night with a deep house music experience in one of the most famous places in the country (or can go to cunxtsat) or goes to one of the famous nightclubs in Beirut where there would be a one man show performing for the people in Arabic while they dance and enjoy it (Taiga, Volume, Nurai…)

The authentic way to end a proper night in Beirut is to have a fatty sandwich after the huge amount of alcohol the people have been drinking throughout their whole great night out in this beautiful city that literally, does not even shut an eye to rest. Some restaurants open during the whole 24 hours on weekends ready to welcome drunken people at any time given and gives them a great environment to stay and just finish their night properly. 

 This description might give an impression that Beirut is the only city which has an awesome nightlife in Lebanon, but that is definitely not true! It’s awesome night out atmosphere starts from the north of the country, heading to the south, literally, no exceptions. One of the most famous areas spread in this country is Batroun, where there are more than ten different pubs and nightclubs ready to welcome you and including different types of music to the people who have different preferences. Some places prefer Hip Hop and RNB while others prefer French music to relax, Arabic to just go and party till dawn, and of course, deep house. 

Next to Batroun comes Jbeil, known as Byblos, one of the oldest cities in the country and including many of the nicest nightlife places in Lebanon. They are either spread in the old Souks of Byblos or in Publicity, a place that had more than eight pubs united and playing the same music all night long. Jbeil has so many restaurants where people could start their night in a very relaxing and delicious way, whether they feel like having some Mexican food, Italian food, and of course, some delicious Lebanese food (that would be so hard to resist!) The step that follows would be a lot of partying and enjoying the night out in such a beautiful city where people can see the remains of previous cultures and learn more about them. Some cafés and restaurants would still be waiting for the people after their parties, in order to provide them with the best dinner/breakfast in town!

Jounieh is next, and has some of the most beautiful pubs in Lebanon. The Souk of Jounieh, kind of similar to the Jbeil one, is famous and attractive to people from all around the country. It includes different kinds of pubs and music, and does not fail anyone when it comes to partying. It is one of the oldest locations where people used to go to have drinks and just spend an awesome night. 

The nightlife of Lebanon does not end here, and hopefully will not end anywhere anytime; some clubs have started opening on the highway to Beirut. In the area of Dbayeh, more than five clubs have opened in that region and attract people from everywhere because of their great atmosphere and ambiance where everyone can enjoy them properly.

Many other areas in Lebanon include so many nightclubs and pubs and welcome people who want to party and go crazy till dawn, where the people are great, friendly, and most important of all, happy. So the advice that should be given to people who just want to have fun while going out in Lebanon is to stay happy, stay safe, and certainly, drink! (But do not drive!)