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The Lebanese haunted Hotel that’ll scare you to your very core

We all have a small belief in ghosts , some of us think they’re evil, some think they’re just like us and some even communicate with them. If you think you’re neither and you really don’t believe they exist , try arguing with that after reading this article and maybe visiting the Hotel AMRIEH.


YES there is an old abandoned Hotel in Bekfaya ,Lebanon. Most of the people who visited it claim they heard creepy noises that came from nowhere, slamming doors , and some even heard voices. it was once a touristic spot, Hotel Amrieh is located in Ain Alaq, near to Bikfaya in Mount Lebanon.

located on the mountainside with a breathtaking view of Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea , the hotel was once a grand resort with its own theater and cinema. Now explorers are visiting , some people even go camping around it, but none of theme came back alive! That was a joke, but not all them stick through the night.
We visited the place thinking others were hallucinating , but we discovered that the rumors are right,this place is creepy, not to say haunted.

At first we were shocked by the beauty of the place, it clearly was a great place back in the day, then we started hearing the noises from upstairs, you would think someone was up there trying to scare us, we thought so too until we found out there was no way up there! the stairs are blocked by cement walls , it is impossible for someone to go up there. The beating noises got higher and more frequent , we tried to ignore them, until we heard footsteps, which was what made us leave the place immediately, the noise came from upstairs the same place we heard the slamming noise coming from, it was dark by this time and staying there for a couple more minutes seemed dangerous at the time.


Some might think we’ve imagined all of this, or even made it up. The only way for you to find out the truth is to check this place yourself. We do recommend it, it is scary but definitely so much fun.
Even if you might pee yourself, you’ll laugh about it in a couple of years.