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Il ne faisait qu’eventrer, Jack

It is true that we live in a world that is falling into a total depression, a world whose circumstances guide steps towards madness …
The dead? We do not count the number, so there are …. The peace ? We dream of it, so far it is.
The serial killers? A phenomenon that has always existed and we know well that the year 1888 was an inspiration for thousands of books, comics, tubes, video games, films and research dealing with this subject.


Les jeux base sur le mystere de Jack the Ripper

Yes, 1888 was and remains the year of a certain « Jack the ripper » – « Jack the Ripper » or « The Assassin of Whitechapel » or « Leather Apron ».

« Whitechapel », the poor western district of London, experienced from the 3rd to the 13th of February 1888 a very hard and dark day: a series of murders was attributed to a mysterious criminal who killed mercilessly, martyred women and Playing with the police and the authorities of the country, leaving a letter to the door of the police stations on the eve of his next crime, describing the nature of his next killing and taking care to sign with a coolness- « Jack The Ripper « . As for the crime of Whitechapel, it was attributed to him in particular « five canonical victims » and for the other six he is considered the killer without any tangible evidence. The victims of « Jack the ripper » were for the most part prostitutes, from whom he removed the organs. He even extracted the heart from his last victim.
This mysterious killer remains unknown until now, it is even estimated that « jack the ripper » is several people at a time; It remains the subject of so many problems and research, the source of inspiration for a good number of films and songs … consequently, the source of large sums of money belonging to the artists inspired by it and the researchers has The investigation of the identity of the kill and the journalists who still talk about it.

Les lettres que Jack the Ripper envoyait a la police.

Les lettres que Jack the Ripper envoyait a la police.

This group or this individual has wanted to exist … and, almost 129 years later, it is always present without any definite identity ….

We refer to this story to once again pose the great question of ethics and identity. This « Jack the Ripper » has never had a certain identity is the basis of thousands of works of all kinds.
Who ensures that one is out of life or engraved in the center? Well, it would be better to change the heroes …

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