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Is this a video game or a militairy training ?

Nowadays, with the development of technology video games have also developed. Many kids enjoy playing video games while sitting on their couches. They spend their hole time playing, some kids said that its their way of having fun during their spare time. One of the most popular things with children when it comes to computers are video games or computer games. From puzzles to racing, action to sports, strategy to adventure, computer games are possibly the biggest addiction for most children. With companies such as Sony and Microsoft going all out to promote Xbox and Playstation to children worldwide, the allure to these games has only got better. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of video games.

The advantages of video games

These video games not only help in making a child’s brain sharper through mental stimulation, but it also helps relieve it of anxiety or pain. In some cases, games have proved to aid dyslexic kids read better. Since adults also love playing games, it can be a time of bonding between adults and children, increasing the amount of time spent together especially when time spent by parents and children is less nowadays. Since technology is developing, video gamers thought of something more clever to become less lazy, so they created more advanced Virtual Reality games that allow us control characters with our body. This will make gamers more active. So instead of sitting and doing nothing they could run, jump, crouch … and do several things depending on the game such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto. With this new technology gamers won’t stay seated on their couches but they will do fitness exercises while enjoying their favorite game. Moreover they will learn how to survive in many situations due to the games that contain special missions. Omni is a new console engine created by Jan Goetgeluk. The purpose of this console is to let gamers who don’t go out much feel like they are in the game doing some exercises while enjoying gaming, which takes gaming to the next level.

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The disadvantages of video games

Although playing video games is fun, we can’t forget that it has many disadvantages. many kids wear glasses because they are spending their free time on video game and sitting close to the TV which causes many eye problems. Moreover, with the variety of games in the store many kids spend their own money for a game that they will enjoy for a short period of time then won’t play it again. This will increase the percentage of consumers in society. Some researches proved that many kids became more aggressive and started bullying others due to the violence in the video games, this is caused by the lack of responsibility taken from their parents. Furthermore many kids are preferring to play war games instead of practicing sports such as soccer or basketball. This will let kids see many horrific scenes. Although creators put on the game some age restrictions, many governments don’t respect the rules and let kids buy games disregarding the age limit. Many games show uncensored scenes such as pornography, nudity, blood, violence and bad language. This will affect the new generation and their behavior.

The Pan European Game Information

The Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) age rating system was established to help European parents make informed decisions about buying computer games. It was launched in spring 2003. It replaced a number of national age rating systems and it is now used throughout most of Europe, in 30 countries (Austria Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, France, Israel, Malta, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom). Unfortunately many other countries don’t respect the information labels on the back of a game and therefore parents should be more aware of these informations to control their kids’ behavior.

To conclude, video games are fun to play with in our free time but we should go out more and socialize instead of sitting in front of a machine and talking with some gamers online. Also, it would be a good idea if we sacrificed some of  our time to do sports instead of playing video games. This will also help us avoid eyes problems.

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